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Written By Anda S:
     I met my guardian angel Chris Anne in 2003 when my wonderful in-laws introduced us. I am forever grateful that they did! Ever since then I could not stop going to her for massage therapy. My mom passed away form breast cancer in 2000 and my grandmother in 1999. I feel that loving and pampering care through Chris Anne that I can't receive from my mom and grandmother anymore.

I have been going every other week now since 2003 and it never gets old. I can testify that she has the healing touch. Even when I am on a vacation, I don't go to another massage therapist because I know that they will not be as good or even compare to Chris Anne. Lastly, I was in a bad car accident and hurt my neck before I started seeing Chris Anne.

She healed me with her magical hands. She even came to visit me at the hospital after my abdominal surgery and did the healing touch. She was an angel standing over me, pampering and comforting me. I was so grateful that she did that and I will never forget it! Chris Anne helps me relax and become a loose noodle and has to use a spatula to get me off the table when she is done.

Not only does she provide a great massage but she also does great facials that leave you feeling ten years younger, glowing and beautiful. Chris Anne is wonderful and is worth every penny.
Fondly and forever indebted, Anda S.

Written By Chris H:

     So if you are a beginner like me or a massage skeptic, The Healing Space is the best place you can possibly find to help you through some of your "issues". 
I have enjoyed some of the finest massage experiences of my life courtesy of Chris Anne. Her new Healing Space is exactly that - a beautiful and relaxing spot where you can relax and unwind. Chris Anne is also a wonderful yoga instructor and I highly recommend visiting her if you are interested in any of the services she offers! A wonderful person with a great, grounded healing energy.
Chris H.

Written By Amy M:

     Chris Anne's healing space is just that.  The actual 'space' at harmony yoga is beautiful and relaxing.  And the massage!  Chris Anne listens to your needs and is attentive and conscious of what's going on during the session.  Did I mention her awesome hands?  I very much enjoy and appreciate getting bodywork from Chris Anne and am looking forward to trying some of her other services in addition to massage.
Amy M.

Written By Jessica Z:

     I really can't say enough about Chris Anne and The Healing Space.  I have been taking yoga from Chris Anne for about six months and its been a transformative experience.  My husband and I also visit her for massage and have been impressed with her focus on the overall comfort of her clients.  Chris Anne is very gifted and intuitive about what her clients need and always maintains a warm and professional demeanor.  It is rare to meet someone with such a genuine interest in the health and well being of others.  I highly recommend The Healing Space- it is a very aptly named place.
Jessica Z

Written By Kelly N:
     As a person with scoliosis, it has always been crucial that I receive treatment for my back. I was originally diagnosed with such severe scoliosis that doctors believed I needed spinal fusion. This surgery entailed fusing a metal rod to my spine in order to correct the curvature. Although the surgery would have granted me a straight spine, it also would have immobilized me to the point where I wouldn’t have been unable to arch my back; not to mention the recovery time was estimated at one year. Diagnosed as a teenager, this news was devastating. Fortunately we (my parents and I) had enough sense to seek alternative opinions. Since then I have been on a journey of discovery trying to figure out what is best for my back. Fortunately I never had spinal fusion. Although I was told I would be deformed without the surgery, I managed to actually correct the curve slightly with alternative treatment. This minor correction disqualified me for surgery, placing me just below the qualification line, what a relief! 

Ten years later, having been to spine specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, rolfers, and integrative manual therapists, I finally arrived at Chris-Anne. Chris-Anne’s practice, the Healing Space, is just that. I arrived with a knotted back, inflexibility, and sporadic back pain. Currently, I have a soft back, flexibility, and am relatively pain free. An avid client for two years, doing yoga and message, I truly feel that Chris-Anne and I have been on a journey.

Initially, I had no idea how much I actually needed. I thought that I was in good shape seeing as how I had been through so much treatment and exercise. It turned out my muscles were tight and hyperactive, and my ability to do yoga was poor. As the weeks progressed, the messages loosened my body so that I could perform yoga properly and my back began to feel better. At that point, a new door opened. The yoga, a combination of movement, meditation, and mantra, strengthened my mind and body. I found that my perspective on life was fuller and more positive, and I forgave myself for having a crooked back. I realized that I could be healthy and happy AND have scoliosis; it didn’t have to be one or the other. The messages relieved my muscles to the point where some days I truly felt that I had a straight spine. They removed tension and brought much needed awareness into my back. I find that I carry myself better, and I am no longer as self conscious as I once was.

Chris-Anne has the ability to tune into a person in their entirety. She brings guidance and expertise to areas that are in need of healing, whether it is mind, body, or both. She taught me patience and forgiveness by designing a program for me that was without pressure and was achievable. I realized that I had been too hard on myself and striving for results NOW subtracted from the wonderful journey that is personal growth. My confidence grew with every revelation she shared with me during our visits. In a world full of stress, pressure, and deadlines, nothing feels better than to arrive at someone’s door that truly cares for YOU. My scoliosis is no longer a burden, it is my uniqueness. It is the springboard that allows me to use all of the tools that I have learned. Chris-Anne has provided me with tools that I will truly use for the rest of my life, and for that, I am grateful.
Kelly N.


Written By David L:
     I wanted to let you know that Chris Anne with the Healing Space provided me with a couple massages. I had this numbness and pain that I believe was due to muscle strain. Chris Anne provided the first ever massage I actually liked. Her professionalism included thorough debriefing to find the goals and problems. Then Chris Anne told me what she was going to do and what to expect. Then Chris Anne provided a deep tissue massage that was marvelous. I strongly recommend you take advantage of Chris Anne's wonderful services. You will be in for a real treat.
David L.

Written by Joe C:
     I am not one for massages. Something has always irked me about someone digging that deep into my body and wiggling my spine in a way I don't think it is usually meant to be moved but I never felt uncomfortable with Chris Anne. She understands your skepticism and welcomes it because beyond the actual practice she talks you through everything she is doing, She makes the atmosphere conducive to allowing a healing process to take place with soothing background music and nice aromatic oils and candles. She doesn't push you, she talks to you. You always feel like you are in good hands.

I have also had the pleasure of going through a yoga class with her and again she uses the same philosophy there. You feel like she really wants you to get everything out of the experience but she never pushes, just guides.

Ultimately you get the general feeling she gives a crap about you and your well being, instead of just sanctifying the purity of the process. Literally I have been to some Hitler-esque yoga classes and felt like the red headed stepchild but never with Chris. Don't get me wrong she cares about the process and it's purity too but she also understands that on your first day you may not be able to do the Straight legs side crow.
Joe C.



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