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Chris Anne Coviello:
   I began my exploration and studies in 1995 when I went to college for psychology to become a therapist.  In high school I had a heartbreak and struggled with depression so my parents generously (it was not financially easy for them) provided me individual and group therapy.  I loved therapy so much and found it deeply nourishing and beneficial and had my heart set on helping others in the same way. College proved to be much more challenging then I anticipated and when I had a few very traumatic personal experiences my ability to keep up faltered and I dropped out. Shortly thereafter I fell in love with yoga as I began an alternative healing journey that would span the next few decades that continues presently and has me ever present to the process of healing and self exploration. 
Heres a brief timeline of my journey/trainings/
  • 2002- Licenced Massage Therapist 
  • 2003-Trained Reiki Master
  • 2004-Level 1 Healing Touch Practitioner
  • 2006-Certified Yoga Teacher
  • 2008-Trained Sound Healer with Tibetan Bowls
  • 2014- Somatic Experiencing Training
  • Presently in school pursuing my Psychology degree with the end goal of getting my LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) ​
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